Frequently Asked Questions
VAIDS is a time-limited opportunity for taxpayers to regularize their tax status relating to previous tax periods. In exchange for fully and honestly declaring previously undisclosed assets and income, tax payers will benefit from forgiveness of overdue interest and penalties, and the assurance that they will not face criminal prosecution for tax offences or be subject to tax investigations. VAIDS ushers in an opportunity to increase the nation’s general tax awareness and compliance. 

Nigeria’s tax system is based on global best practice. It is a progressive system that ensures fairness. Those with the highest income levels should shoulder the greatest proportion of the tax burden. Whilst considerable progress has been made with taxing those in formal employment, self-employed persons, professionals and some companies are able to evade full tax payment due to the inability of the tax authorities to assess their true income and thereby tax them accurately. According to the Joint Tax Board (JTB), as at May 2017 the total number of taxpayers in Nigeria is just 14 million out of an estimated 69.9 million who are economically active.

Nigeria’s tax to GDP ratio, at just 6%, is one of the lowest in the world (compared to India’s of 16%, Ghana’s of 15.9%, and South Africa’s of 27%). Most developed nations have tax to GDP ratios of between 32% and 35%.

Some of the ways in which taxes are evaded include:

  • Manipulating accounting records by keeping two sets of books
  • Many states have lacked the machinery to accurately track the true income of their residents.
  • Use of complex structures in transactions to evade taxes.
  • Non registration for VAT, or charging of VAT without remitting to FIRS.
  • Non payment of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on asset disposals.

Nigeria's low tax revenues are at variance with the lifestyles of a large number of its people and with the value of assets known to be owned by Nigerians resident around the world. There has been a systemic breakdown of compliance with the tax system with various strategies used to evade tax obligations. These include but are not limited to, transfer of assets overseas, the use of offshore companies in tax havens to secure assets, and the registration of assets in nominee names. In addition despite having some of the most profitable and well capitalized companies in Africa, the level of tax remittance is low.

There is currently a global initiative to tackle the problem of illicit financial flows and tax evasion, which has contributed to the country’s underdevelopment. A report by former South African Premier, Thabo Mbeki found that the amount of illicit financial flows out of Africa exceeded the amount of development aid that Africa receives. Nigeria has the highest level of illicit financial flows in Africa.

As part of the global support to rebuild Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari, the Government has secured the co-operation of a number of nation states in its quest to repatriate funds due to it. Nigeria has also signed agreements with a number of nations, which provide for the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEI). Countries who are party to this agreement include Switzerland, Panama, the Bahamas and other tax havens. Additionally, banking information will easily be shared across countries due to newly implemented Common Reporting Standards (CRS).

On 16 August, 2016 the Federal Executive Council approved Nigeria’s participation in the Country-by-Country reporting standard. This will provide tax authorities with greater transparency into the scale of multinational company operations, and enable increased detection of profit shifting and other tax evasion strategies. In addition, Nigeria has signed up for the establishment of the Beneficial Ownership Register at the Anti-Corruption Summit in London in 2016. The will give us access to true owners of properties in the UK and other participating countries.

Within Nigeria, recent reforms provide additional information to the tax authorities. There is now increased interagency cooperation providing information from BVN, NFIU, State Land Registries, CAC, and other agencies to create an accurate financial picture of Nigeria’s tax payers. In addition, the asset tracing team of the Ministry of Finance has engaged international asset tracing professionals who have been gathering information on individuals and companies which suggests that the level of non-compliance is significant; therefore VAIDS is offering an opportunity for tax payers to voluntarily regularize their tax status.

Even though ignorance of the law is not an excuse, Government has decided to take the pragmatic approach of offering an amnesty window to allow Nigerians, who may have evaded tax, whether ignorantly or deliberately, the opportunity to do their civic duty and pay the correct taxes whilst providing much needed revenue for Nigeria’s infrastructure. A number of countries, including Indonesia, Italy and Argentina, who have seen their tax revenues illegally moved to other nations have undertaken similar programmes to fund their national development. This will reduce the amount that Government will need to borrow for essential projects and will enable Nigeria to make a concerted effort to upgrade essential infrastructure and spur development.

Upon expiration of the Voluntary Asset and Income Declaration programme, Government will commence criminal prosecution of those who have evaded taxes and yet failed to take advantage of the scheme.

The Scheme is expected to last for 9 months only from 1st July, 2017 to 31st March, 2018. There will be no renewal or extension, once the scheme period has expired all remaining tax defaulters who have not taken advantage of its will face the full force of the law.

Tax evasion is a crime punishable, upon conviction, by imprisonment of up to 5 years, while the taxpayer will still be required to pay the tax due along with the associated interest and penalties. Typically, a penalty of 10% of the tax due is assessed, along with related interest charges that accrue at 21% per annum, commencing from the due date of the related tax charge. In some cases, the penalty assessed is 100% of the tax due and further, the related assets are liable to be forfeited. Those taking advantage of the Scheme by declaring honestly and fully will be free from prosecution and will qualify for the forgiveness of penalties and interest.

Another benefit of participating in the Scheme, is that tax payers will be able to transfer assets that they had previously held by nominees into their own name. It should be remembered that many Nigerians have lost assets in the course of trying to conceal them from the authorities. Such losses typically occur in the event of death or an urgent need to liquidate assets when required documentation and proof of ownership cannot be provided. The global focus on illicit financial flows is such that global regulations will only become tighter with time, thus this opportunity to regularise should be seized. Declaration allows assets to be legally and formally held by the true owner.

The Scheme will cover all Federal and State taxes such as Companies Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Petroleum Profits Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duties, Tertiary Education Tax.

While the statute of limitations for a tax investigation for honest returns is limited to six years, there is no limit where a fraudulent return has been submitted. A condition of VAIDS is that tax payers will declare fully and honestly.

VAIDS is open to all persons who are in default on their tax liabilities. The Scheme is specifically targeted at taxpayers who:

  • have not been fully declaring their taxable income/assets;
  • have not been paying the tax due at all and or
  • have been underpaying or under remitting

It does not matter whether the relevant tax default arose from undeclared assets within or outside the country. If tax should have been paid, VAIDS is providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to declare the tax outstanding and resolve it definitively.

The Scheme covers all taxable persons and entities including individuals, trusts, executors, registered companies and statutory companies.

Further information can be obtained from the information unit of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), various State Boards Internal Revenue Services(SBIRS) and the dedicated website of the Scheme

All taxes paid under the Scheme are to be collected by the relevant tax authorities including the FIRS and SBIRS, depending on the type of tax in issue. Payments should be made to the Relevant Tax Authority quoting your full name and TIN as a reference. The bank will issue a receipt for the payment.

The Federal Government appreciates that many defaulters have assets but may not have cash. Therefore taxpayers will be allowed to enter into arrangements to pay outstanding tax liabilities in installments. Taxpayers may, at the discretion of the relevant authority, be granted up to three years to pay their liability, but will be obligated to pay interest on the outstanding balance.

Once you register for VAIDS by filing the Declaration form, agents of the Relevant Tax Authority can help you to calculate your tax liability. VAIDS will also be providing extensive training to legal advisers, tax accountants and other professionals to ensure that taxpayers fully understand their obligations under Nigeria’s tax laws.

Taxpayers will be expected to remain fully compliant with tax laws following the Scheme, failing which, they may be forced to forfeit the tax forgiveness granted under VAIDS and be liable to pay past liabilities in full.

Registration for a Tax Identification Number would be the first step for persons who have never paid tax. Your application for a TIN will be fast tracked.

The idea of the Scheme is that it is a voluntary programme, the decision to participate should therefore be left to the taxpayers. The FIRS shall give effective publicity to the program and encourage as many people as possible to take advantage of it.

The Scheme is open to all those who were liable to tax in Nigeria. It covers Nigerian residents who had taxable undeclared income outside Nigeria and non – residents who earned undeclared income derived from or accruing within Nigeria.

Those who are resident outside of Nigeria are encouraged to make an online declaration, or to appoint a local agent to make the necessary declaration on their behalf.

Those who fail to take advantage of the Scheme and are later found to have under declared their income or assets will be treated as wilful tax evaders and will therefore face the full force of the law.

Specifically, we have engaged on retainership, one of the world’s leading asset tracing and recovery firms who will track the true assets of those who have not participated but are believed to have underpaid their taxes.

This will be supported by criminal prosecution, and recovery of taxes due with full penalties and interest. In addition, we plan a “Name and Shame” programme that will reveal the identities of tax evaders.

Furthermore, the Relevant Tax Authorities are in the process of profiling certain categories of non-compliant taxpayers for ongoing audits and investigations, in line with the tax compliance reforms. As such, taxpayers are encouraged to make the most of the time-limited opportunity available under the Scheme to declare their incomes and assets, and pay outstanding tax liabilities to avoid the adverse consequences inherent in the tax enforcement processes to be implemented by the Relevant Tax Authorities at the end of the Scheme.

Nigerian tax law is clear that Nigerian tax residents are liable to pay tax on their income earned anywhere in the world. Nigerian tax residents include the following:

  • Individuals that derive income from sources in Nigeria;
  • Employees that are in Nigerian employment or resident in Nigeria for at least 183 days within a twelve month period; and
  • Nigerian companies who were incorporated or have a fixed base in Nigeria.

Some Nigerians own assets overseas, but do not earn any revenue on them, rather they are for personal use. In such cases, they might not have taxable income but if the original purchase of those assets was, in any way, financed from revenue earned by a Nigerian tax payer but on which the correct amount of tax was not paid in Nigeria, then the unpaid tax liability may attach to that overseas asset.

The information obtained on some citizens suggest clearly that the funds they used to purchase overseas assets far exceed the income declared in the tax returns in the year pf purchase. Such Tax Returns are therefore rendered false and a tax liability exists.

The use of Tax Avoidance Schemes is legal but tax evasion is not. If the ultimate beneficial owner of those assets had paid all taxes on the funds prior to their transfer to the tax shelter, then there will be no additional liability except any tax payable on further income earned on those funds. However if the correct amount of tax was not paid prior to transfer, then a liability exists and Government is entitled to trace its tax claim through to those assets and any income that arises from them.

All assets owned, whether held directly or indirectly should be formally declared. VAIDS will also entail the creation of proper records so that future dealings with such assets will be properly recorded. The owner of assets held in nominee’s names can then freely transfer them based on the extant law.

After declaration, the owner of assets held in nominee’s names can then freely transfer them based on the extant law.

The grace period recently allowed by FIRS for waiver of interest and penalties pursuant to the recent tax amnesty has lapsed. VAIDS is more comprehensive in terms of taxes and timeframe. It covers personal taxes as well as company taxes. The commitments made by the FIRS during the Scheme will be respectably saved for discovery of new facts, non-disclosure and partial disclosure.

This will be supported by criminal prosecution, and recovery of taxes due with full penalties and interest. In addition, we plan a “Name and Shame” programme that will reveal the identities of tax evaders.

Yes. The tax authority will review the information supplied by the taxpayer. If they are not satisfied with its completeness, they may ask for additional information. Indeed, The Relevant Tax Authorities are empowered by specific provisions of the relevant tax laws to require participating taxpayers to produce any books, documents, accounts, returns and other records.

Within the Scheme period, an applicant can file an amended declaration if further tax liabilities are identified. However, all information must be received within the duration of VAIDS.

All taxes already paid will be taken into account into determining the final tax position of a taxpayer.

No! Declaration cannot be made anonymously. For any taxpayer to get clearance, he must have declared correctly and made payment in his own name or that of his company as the case may be. Tax declarations are however treated as confidential by the tax authorities.

The confidentiality of the information you provide under the Scheme is assured. Measures have been put in place for information received by the tax authority will be kept in strict confidence, and will not be disclosed to third parties other than in compliance with extant provisions of relevant laws.

Shirin bayyana dukiya da kaddarori da hanyoyin kudaden shiga
Shirin Yin Afuwa ga wadanda basu biyan bashi na VAIDS wata dama ce ga masu biyan haraji da zasu samu damar daidaita hanyoyin biyan harajinsu zuwa wani lokaci, ta hanyar bayyana kaddarorin da a da basu bayyanasu ba ba da sauran kudaden shiga inda masu biyan haraji zasu iya samun afuwa daga dukkan wani laifi da suka yi na rashin biyan haraji ko da an gudanar da bincike. Wannan shirin na VAIDS wani shiri ne na kara samar da kudaden shiga a kasar nan ta hanyarta hanyar wayar da kan al’umma.

Tsarin karbar haraji na Nigeriya ya dace dana sauran kasashen duniya wanda a ke gudanarwa bisa tsarin gaskiya da adalci. Wadanda suke da hali sosai su ne zasu dauki nauyin biyan haraji inda a ke son wadanke cin gaggarumar riba suna biyan kudaden haraji. A na son wadanda ke biyan kudaden haraji saboda abinda suke samu da su cigaba da biya. Inda a ke samun gaggarumin cigaba ta hanyar karbar haraji daga wadanda suke ma’aikatan gwamnati da wadanda suke aiki a ma’aikatu masu zaman kansu da kwarraru da sauran ma’aikatan kanfanoni da a da basu biyan cikakkun kudaden haraji ko suka gaza gano irin kaddarorin da suka mallaka da yanzu za a iya karbar haraji daga wurisu kamar yadda ya dace, kamar yadda kwamitin hadin gwiwa da ke karbar haraji na kasa ya bayyana cewa daga cikin watan Mayu na shekarata 2017 an bayyana yawan wadanda suke karbar haraji a Nigeriaya sun kai Milyan 12,649,654 14

Daga cikinsu mutun miliyan 69.9 sune suke gudanar da ayyuka kamar yadda ya kamata daga cikin watan aprilu na shekara 2017

Kididdiga da aka gudanar ya nuna cewa tsarin samun kudaden shiga na kasar nan duka duka kashi 6 ne bisa dari wanda shi ne mafi kankanta daga cikin sauran kasashen duniya. Kasar Ghana nada kashi 15.9 bisa dari Africa ta kudu nada kashi 27 sauran kasashen masu tasowa na da tsarin da ya kama daga kashi 32 da kashi 35 kamar yadda takardun tsarin mallakar kudade da ke yaki da cin hanci da rashawa suka fitar a babban taro da aka gudanar a garin London a shekara ta 2016. Wannan zai iya bada dama a san adadin wadanda suka mallaki kaddarori a kasar ingila da sauran kasashen duniya.

Wasu bangarori da suka shafi rashin biyan kudin haraji sun hada da:

  • Canza bayanan kudaden biyan haraji ta hanyar amfani da litattafai biyu
  • Wasu daga cikin jahohi basu da isassun kayan aiki da zasu gano wadanda basu biya kudin haraji ba da abunda suka mallaka
  • Amfani da hanyoyi masu sarkkakiya wajen biyan kudaden haraji
  • Rashin yin rijista da kudaden haraji na VAT da kuma canza kudaden na VAT ba tare da sanyasu cikin hukumar FIRS ba
  • Rashin biyan manyan kudin da aka samu riba daga kaddadrorin da ake dasu

Bincike ya bayyana cewa Nigeria tana daya daga cikin kasashen da basu cazan kudin haraji sosai idan aka yi la’akari da yanayin rayuwar al’umma dake kasar da kuma irin kaddarorin da suka mallaka idan aka dangantasu da sauran na kasashen duniya. An gano cewa akwai rashin bin doka na biyan kudaden haraji ga wadanda basu son biyan kudin haraji musamman wajen musayar kudade da suka hada da sauran kanfanonin manfetur da tabbatar da ganin ana biyan harajin

Bisa ga yadda duniya take kokarin ganin an inganta sauran harkokin samar da haraji domin a samu isassun kudaden shiga da zasu taimaka domin ganin an kara inganta kasa. A rahoton tsohon shugaban kasar Afrika ta kudu Thabo Mbeki ya bayyana cewa yawan kudaden da ake samu a Nahiyar Africa ya zarce irin cigaban da ake samu a Nahiyar ta Afrika. Kuma Nijeriya tafi yawan wadanda basu biyan haraji a Nahiyar Afrika

A kokarin da ake na ganin an sake gina kasar nan karkashin jagorancin shugaban kasa Muhammadu Buhari gwamanti ta nemi gudunmuwar sauran kasashen duniya domin ganin an samu Karin kudaden shiga. Sannan Nijeriya ta sanya hannu a wata jarjejeniya data shiga da sauran kasashe wanda zai samar da mahimman bayanai kaitsaye. [AEI] Wannan yarjejeniyar zata bada damar musayar bayai da suka shafi bayanan biyan haraji. Wadannan kasashe sun hada kasahen Switzerland. da Panama da Bahamas da sauransu, sannan akwai sauran bayanan da suka shafi bayanan banki da ke cikin mahimman bayanai

A ranar 16 ga watan August 2016 hukumar zartarwa ta kasa ta bukaci ganin ana samar da bayanan kudade na kasa da kasa wannan zai ba sauran kasashen damar da zasu san mahimman bayanan da suka shafi kudi musanman abubuwan da suka shafi gwamanati

A nan najeriya wannan gyaran da aka yi zai iya bada damar samun muhimman bayanai ga masu karbar haraji, yanzu an kara samun hadin kai ta hanyar musayar bayanai daga BVN,NFIU da sauran cibiyoyin rijistar haraji na jihohi da CAC da sauransu domin ganin an kara samar da muhimman bayanai da daga bangarorin da ke karbar haraji a Nigeria, Bugu da kari tawagar da take bin diddikin biyan haraji da ke ma’aikatar kudi ta kasa ta fara gudanar da aikin bin diddikin kaddarorin al’umma kamar yadda sauran kasashen duniya suke yi ta hanyar tattara bayanai, Ma’aikatun gwamnati da sauran ma’aikatun kamfanoni sakamakon na nuna cewa rashin son biyan haraji yana yin yawa sabo da haka shirin na VAIDS na bada dama ga al’umma da su bayyana kaddarorinsu dan kashin kansu domin daidaita biyan haraji

Duk da yake rashin sanin doka ba hujja bane amma karyata babban laifi ne duk da haka gwamnati nan a daukar muhimman matakan ganin an bada damar yin ahuwa ga Yan Nigeria wadanda suka ki biyan haraji ya Aallah sabo da rashin sainn doka ko kuma suna sane suka take dokar domin ganin an basu damar sauke hakkinsu ne yan kasa domin ganin sun biya haraji da zai bada damar gudanar da ayyukan more rayuwa, wasu daga cikin kasashen da suka hada da kasar Indinosia da Itali da Agentina da wasu daga cikin kasashen duniya suka sun dauki irin wannan matakai domin ganin sun samu kudaden da zasu gina kasar su. Wannan zai rage yawan kudaden da gwamnati zata so ta ranto domin gudanar da manyan ayyuka wannan zai ba Nigeria damar yin abubuwa da dama da zasu samar da kayayyakin more rayuwa da samar da gaggarumin cigaba. Shirin bayyana kaddarori na VAIDS gwamnati zata iya yafewa wadanda suka aikata laifin rashin biyan haraji idan har suka yi amfani da wannan dama da aka basu.

Ana sa ran shirin yin afuwar zai yi aiki na tsawon wata 9 daga ranar 1 ga watan Yulin shekara 2017 inda zai kare a 31 ga watan Maris na Shekara 2018. Sannan daga wannan lokaci ba za sake bada wannan dama ba ko kara wani lokaci na yin afuwar idan har wanna lokaci ya wuce wadanda basu yi amfani da wannan dama ba zasu fuskanci fushin hukuma idan har suka bari lokaci ya wuce.

Rashin biyan kudin haraji babban laifi ne, domin za iya hukunta mutun a kalkashin dokar kin biyan haraji data tanadi a daure mutum a gidan yari na tsawon shekara 5 sannan kuma za’a tilassawa mutum biyan kudaden harajin da karin kashi 10, wani lokutan tarar ta kai kashi 100 sai dai idan har ka bayyana kaddara da kanka zaka samu kariya daga dukkanin wata tuhuma kuma za’a yafe maka.

Wani amfanin wannan shiri shi ne masu biyan haraji zasu soma rigistar kaddadrori da ada basu biya masu haraji ba da sunansu domin akwai yan Nigeria da dama da suka rasa kaddarorinsu a kokarin da suka yi na boye kaddarorinsu daga hukuma, Irin wannan rashin bayyana kaddarori yana sa suna bacewa ta hanyar rasuwa ko bukatar ganin an jinginar da kaddara a lokacin da wata bukata ta taso ko bukatar wasu takardu da suka shafi kaddarorin, Yanzu hankulan duniya ya mayar da hankali wajan bin dokokin biyan haraji da hanyar tsauraran dokokin zuwa wasu lokutta. Irin wannan dama da yin afuwa akan cire ta zuwa wani lokaci, Bayyana Kaddarori yana bada damar halarta maka kaddarorinka da ka mallaka.

Shirin zai hada da dukkanin wasu tsarin biyan harajin da ke jihohi da matakan gwamnatin tarayya da sauran kamfanoni da sauran kudaden shiga da sauran harajin da ya shafi albarkatun Nigeria da manyan ayyuka da kudaden da ake chaja idan aka gudanar da wata harkar kasuwa da sauran kudaden manyan makarantu da ake chaza.

Tsarin lokacin binciken karbar haraji na ganin mutum ya bayyan gaskiyar abinda ya mallaka ya kai tsawon shekaru 6, babu. Bukatar wannan shiri shi ne masu kaddarori su bayyana abunda suka mallak cikin gaskiya.

Wannan shirin VAIDS ya shafi wadanda basu samu biyan kudaden harajinsu ba shirin ya hada da wadanda ya kamata su biya haraji:

  • Wadanda basu bayyana salin abunda suka mallaka ba;
  • Wadanda basu biyan haraji kwata-kwata ko
  • Wadanda basu biyan kudaden harajin kamar yadda ya kamata.

Ba lalle ba ne wadanda suka kasance masu biyan harajin su kasance a cikin gida ko a wajen kasar nan, idan har mutum ya biya haraji shirin VAIDS na samar da wata dama sau daya a rayuwa domin ka samu damar biyan sauran harajin da baka biya ba.

Shirin ya hada da dukkan masu biyan haraji da suka hada da sauran al’umma da masu gudanarwa da kamfanoni da ke da rigista da sauran kamfanoni.

Za’a iya samun sauran muhimman bayanai daga sashen wayar da ke kai na hukumar tattara kudaden haraji ta kasa (FIRS) da ke a sauran cibiyoyin tattara haraji da ke jihohin da ke kasar nan ko a sashin yanar gizo na

Dukkanin harajin da zaka biya za’a biya shi daga hannun hukumar da ke karbar haraji da suka hada da hukumar da ke karbar haraji ta kasa FIRS da SBIRS da sauran cibiyoyin da ke karbar haraji. Zaka iya biyan kudaden haraji ta hanyar Banki da sanya sunanka da muhimman bayanai, sannan bankin zai baka baka rasedin biyan kudin da ka biya.

Gwamnatin Tarayya ta amince yawancin wadanda basu biyan haraji suna da kaddarori amma basu da tsabar kudi, wannan zai bada dama a mallaki kaddarori, za’a ba wadanda suka basu samu damar biyan harajin kaddadrorinsu ba su biya a cikin lokacin afuwar, sai dai zai biya wata tara idan bai biya lokaci ba.

Idan har kayi rigista da VAIDS ta hanyar cike takardar bayyana kaddarori wakilin karbar haraji zai iya taimakawa domin tattara kudaden da ya kamata ka biya na haraji sannan shirin na VAIDS ya samar da cikakken horo ga jami’an shari’a da sauran kwararru a bangaren karbar haraji da kididdiga da zasu taimaka domin ganin sun taimakawa al’umma sun fahimci yadda zasu sauke irin nauyin dake kansu na haraji.

Ana saran masu biyan haraji su cigaba da bin irin ka’idoji da ke cikin dokokin biyan kudaden haraji musamman wajen ganin suna bi tare dakiyayewa da hakkokin da ke bisa kansu na biyan haraji.

Yin rigista da samun lambar biyan haraji shine mataki na farko ga wanda bait aba biyan kudaden haraji ba, takardarka ta neman biyan haraji za’a gaggautatasama da ita.

Munafar shirin iri daya ne da duk wani shiri nda ya shafi sa kai, hukumar FIRS zata bada cikakken bayani a kan shirin kuma zasu kara karfin gwiwa ga sauran al’umma su shiga cikin shirin.

Shirin ya shifi dukkan wani da ke zaune a Nigeria ya hada da sauran mazauna Nigeria da ke da kaddarori a cikin Nigeria da wajen Nigeria da duk wani da ya mallaki wata dukiya da a ke samu daga cikin kasar nan. Wadanda ke zaune a wajen Nigeria ana bukatar su da su bayya kaddarorinsu ta hanyar wakilai da zasu kaddamar da dukiyoyin nasu a madadinsu.

Wadanda basu yi amfani da wannan dama da wannan shiri ya basu ban na bayyana kaddarorinsu da suka mallaka za’a dauke su a matsayin wanda suka karya dokar biyan haraji sannan zasu fuskanci hukuma musamman wadanda suka shiga cikin yarjejeniyar kasuwanci, wani daga cikin mafi inganci a kan harkokin kasuwancin duniya musamman wajen gano wanda basu shiga shirin ba kuma basu biyan harajin sannan zasu samu taimakon kungiyoyi dake hukunta marasa biyan haraji sannan za’a tilassa masu biyan harajin kuma su fuskanci fushin hukuma, bugu da kari an fito da wani shiri na buga sunayen wadanda basu biya haraji ba domin a kunyata su.

Bugu da kari hukumomin da ake dorawa nauyin karbar haraji suna gabatar da wani shiri na tattara bayanan wadanda basu biyan haraji domin gudanar da cikakken bincike bisa ga tsarin da ya dace da shirin karbar haraji, saboda haka ana kira ga masu biyan haraji da suyi amfani da wannan dama da suka samu ta afuwa a wannan lokacin da aka basu na bayyana kaddarorinsu da biyan haraji da basu biya ba domin ganin sun guji dukkan wani abu da ya shafi hukuncin wadanda suka karya dokokin kin biyan kaddarar haraji.

Dokokin biyan haraji na Nageria ta tanaji ganin ‘Yan Nageria na biyan haraji daga cikin kudaden da suke samu na shiga a ko ina a fadin duniya. Yan nageria zasu iya biyan haraji sun hada da:

  • Wadanda ke samun kudaden shiga daga Nigeria;
  • Wadanda ke gudanar da aiki a Nigeria ko kana zaune a Nageria da ka kai kwanaki 183 daga cikin wanni 12 na cikan shekara; and
  • Kamfanonin da ke kasar nan da ke zaune a cikin kasar wasu daga cikin yan Nageria da suka mallaki kaddarori amma basu samun wasu kudaden shiga daga garesu sai dai sun mallakesu ne domin wasu abubuwansu na.

Wasu daga ckin yan Nigeriya suna da wasu Kaddarori a kasahen waje amma basu samun wasu kudaden shiga daga cikinsu suna amfani dasu ne daga bukatu na kansu a nan ba za a cajesu wasu kudaden haraji ba, sai dai idan bayan an sayi wannan kaddara a kwai wata hanyar samar da kudaden shiga da bata biyan ainafin kudaden da ya kamata a biyaba a Nigeriya saboda haka dole ne a biya masu sauran kudaden harajin da ba biya ba.

Wasu daga cikin mahimman bayan da aka samu sun nuna cewa yawancin kudaden da al’umma ke amfani dasu domin sayen kaddarori a kasahen waje suna wuce yawan kudaden da ya kamata su biyama haraji bayan shekara daya da sayen kaddarorin. Sabo da haka a nan ganin wadanna kaddarori a matsayin da a biya masu haraji ba Wasu daga cikin yan Nijeriya sun mallaki kaddarori a kasashen waje amma basu samun wasu kudaden shiga daga garesu sai dai suna amfani dasu ne domin bukatun kansu. A nan ba su biyan haraji ga abun suke amfani da shi dan kansu ba a nan ba za sanya su sai sun biya haraji a kasar nan ba saboda basu da wasu kudaden shiga da suka samu ta wata hanya da ake samun riba daga garesu wajibine a biya masu haraji.

Al’amarin rashin tsarin biyan haraji a wasu wurare yana kan tsari sai dai rashin biyan haraji laifine idan har wanda ya kamata ya biya haraji bai biya kudaden haraji kamar yadda ya kamata ba, babu wani sauki da za’a yi mashi da ya wuci ya biya kudaden haraji na kaddarorin da ya samu riba akansu, sai dai idan har ba a aika da kudaden ba kamar yadda ya kamata gwamnati na da ikon tabi diddikin kaddarorin domin tabbatarda cewa an biya masu harajin.

Dukkanin wasu kaddarori da aka mallaka Ya Aallah kai tsaye ko ta hanyar wata inkiya dole ne a bayyana su ga shirin VAIDS wanda zai tattara dukkanin muhimman bayanai kuma ya ajiyensu saboda gaba, Wanda ya mallaki kaddarorin ko yanada sunayen inkiya zai iya musanya su ta hanyar su doka,

Bayan ya gabatar da kaddarar zai bada dama a san kudaden shigar sa kuma a ajiyesu a cikin kundin samar da bayanai saboda gaba, sannan wanda ya mallaki kaddarorin zai iya musayarsu ta hanyar da doka ta tanada.

Tsawon lokacin da hukumar FIRS take yin sassauci daga hukuncin da take samarwa yana samar da afuwa ga wadanda basu biya haraji ba, shirin na bayyana kaddarori domin kashin kanka VAIDS yafi maida hankali wajen biyan haraji a lokacin biyan haraji.Ya hada da harajin da al’umma zasu biya daga sauran kamfanoni, irin ayyukan da hukumar FRIS ta samar a kalkashin wannan shiri zai taimka wajan gano wadanda basu biya kudaden haraji

Babu shaka hukumomin karbar haraji zasu samar da muhimman bayanai na biyan haraji idan har basu gamsu da yadda kuka bada hadin kai ba, zasu iya neman wasu Karin bayanai da sukayi daidai da dokoki da kudire kudire na karbar haraji da suke kunshe a cikin littatafai da kundaye da bayanan kudi da sauran wuraren ajiye bayanai

A cikin tsawon lokacin da za’a gudanar da wannan shiri wanda ke neman shiga zai cika takardar bayyanan kaddarorinsa idan aka samu Karin kaddarori daga baya zai kara bayyana su a cikin tsawon lokacin shin na VAIDS.

Dukkanin kudaden harajin da aka biya za’a tantance su a cikin littafin bayanan biyan kudin haraji domin daukan matsaya akan harajin da ka biya.

A’a Baza iya bayyan abun da baka son asan dashi ba dukkanin wani mai biyan haraji dole ne ya samar da gamsassu da cikakkun bayanai tare da sunansa da sunan kamfaninsa ta ko wane hali. Saidai bayanan da suka sahafi karbar haraji ana yinsu ne cikin sirri da jam’an gwamnati suke ajiyewa.

Dukkanin bayanan da ka bayar bayanai ne na sirri da za’a ajiyesu a cikin sirri domin a tabbatar da cewa dukkanin wani bayanan da ya shafi haraji da hukuma ta karba zasu zama bayanan sirri kuma baza a gayama kowa ba sai wanda abun ya shafa bisa ga tsarin da doka ta tanada.

Atumatu iweputa onwe igosi ihe onye nwere na etu osi enweta ego(VAIDS)
VAIDS bu oge enyere maka onye obula n’atu utu isi ihazi akwukwo utu isi ya nke o mezighi oge o mere ya n’izizi.O buru n’ o mee nkea n’ ezi okwu, a ga agbaghara ya ntaramahuhu nakwa omuru nwa nke ekwesiri inye ya maka ekwughi ezi okwu, o gae nwekwa obi sie ike na – agaghi akpochi ya maka ida iwu ikwu ugwo utu isi ma o bu inweta nnyocha.VAID n’enye ohere i gbasa ozi n’ obodo maka ego isi nke obodo nakwa ime ka ndi mmadu n’ eme nke ha kwesisri ime.

Usoro utu isi nke Naijeria na- agbaso etu esi eme ya na gburugburu uwa nile. O bu usoro igan’ihu inye onye obula ohere.Ndi nke n’ enweta nnukwu ego ga na- akwu nnukwute ugwo utu isi.Ebe enwetagoro ezi usoro maka ndi no n’oru oyibo ikwu ugwo utuisi nke ha,ndi oru nnoro onwe, ndi okachamara n’oru ha na ufodu ulo oru di iche iche na-agbanahu ikwu ugwo utuisi a n’ihi na ndi o bu oru ha inakota ego ndia enwebeghi ike ime nke a site na amaghi nke bu eziokwu n’ ego ha n’enweta.Site na nchoputa nke ndi ulo oru nnakota ego utuisi (JTB) mere n’ ime onwa ise nke afo a,onu ogugu ndi Naijeria na –atu utuisi bu nani nde iri na ano n’ ime nde mmadu iriisii na itolu na uma itolu ndi na – akpata ego. Ego utuisi nke Naijeria n’enweta nke no na pecenti isii,mere ha buru ndi nke ha kachasi pee npe n’ uwa nile, nke ndi mba India no na pecentiiri na isii ,ebe nke ndi Ghana no na pecentiiri na isena uma itolu, nke ndi mba South Africa no na pecent iri abuo na asaa.Otutu obodo ndi mepere emepe no na pecent iri ato ruo pecent iriato na ise n’ ime

ego ndi obodo ha.Ufodu uzo ndi mmadu si agbanahu ikwu ugwo a bu:

  • Ime ndegnari maka akwukwo ego ha ji edeko ihe ha nwetara.
  • Otutu stetienweghi ihe ha ji enwe ike isote ihe ndi no na steti ahu n’enweta.
  • Iji ihe ndi gbara ghariin’ usoro ihe ndi ha n’eme iji gbanahu ikwu ugwo utuisi.
  • Edeghi aha ulo azumahia ma obu ebe onye n’aru oru,ma obu ulo oru akwunyeghi ugwo o natara n’ulo oru FIRS.
  • Akwughi ugwo mbido oru (CGT) tupu ulo oru ahu emechie. Naijeria enwetaghi nnukwu ego utuisi bu site obibi ndu di icheiche nke otutu ndi mmadu n’akwa udi ihe ndi obodo a nwere n’uwa nine. N’ aka nke ozo, n’agbanyeghi out ulo oru n’enye ego nke enwere n’ Africa ego utuisi ana akwu na ya pere nnukwu mpe.

K odi ugbua nsogbu akwughi ugwo ego utuisi a burula ihe zuru uwa nile onu, nke mere n’obodo anaghi etoeto. Na nkowa ederede nke aka chiburu mba South Africa ,Thabo Mbeki achoputara na ego n;esi uzo ezighi ezi apu na mba Africa kariri ego enyemaka nke na- abiara ha.Nka na apu na Naijeria kariri nka mba Africa ndi ozo. N’ uzo inye aka iwulite obodo Naijeria,n’ochichi oyeisiala Muhammadu Buhari,Gomenti enwetala enyemaka mba ndi ozo iwechigha ego ndi mmadu zupuru na mba ozo. Naijeria etinyekwala aka n’ akwukwo nkwekorita izikorita onwe ha ozi(AEI).Nkwekorita a ga agbasa ozi n’etiti obodo ndia n’ihe gbasara ego iji mee ka akwusi akwughi ugwu utuisi a.Obodo ndi tinyere aka na nkwekorita a buSwitzerland, Panama, Bahamas n’akwa ndi ozo. Ha ga na agbasakwa ozo maka ulo aku n’etiti obodo ndia ,site n’usoro mgbasa ozi ohuru (CRS) .N’abaliiri na isii onwa asato afo 2016,nzuko ochichi etiti kwenyere kaNaijeria soro na mba na mba izikorita onwe ha ozi. Nke a ga emendi obu oru ha inakota ego a imata uzo di icheiche nnukwute ulo oru si egbanahu ikwu ugwo a. N’ otu aka ahu,Naijeria tinyere aka na nhiwe usoro nrite nke onye denyere ahana nzukon’akwa ichubi iri aka azu nke emere na mba London n’ ime afo gara aga, maka ndenye aha nke ha kwere nkwa inye ihe onye nwere na obodo UK n’akwa obodo ndi ozo gara nzuko ahu.Na Naijeria emeputala usoro ohuru ga enye aka nweta akuko maka inakota utuisi site na itikota isi onu nke ndi ulo oru di iche iche.Usoro ndia bu nke BVN,NFIU,Steti idekota ala ndi ha nwere ,ulo oru CAC,tinyere ndi ozo.Nkea bu iji nweta n’ udi doro anya ihe bu ego onye o bula na atu utuisi nwere.N’iji gbakwunyere nke a, ulo oru okwu ego ala anyi edubala n’oru ndi okachamara ndi mba ofesi na ewekota ozi maka ndi mmadu n’kwa ulo oru di iche iche .Ihe ha metara n’egosi na ndi anaghi akwu ugwo utuisi gbagoro,nkea mere na atumatu VAIDS n’enye ohere onye o bula idozi akwukwo o ji akwu ugwo utuisi ya.

N’agbanyeghi n’ amaghi ama anoghi n’onye dara iwu obodo,Gomenti kpebiri inye onye obula ohere,ma onye kpachara anya ma onye amaghi ama ikwu ugwo ya dika ezi nwaafo iji mee ka Gomenti ruputa ihe eji enyere ndu aka.Ufodu mba dika Indonesia,Italy,na Argentinaka ha choputara na ana ebupu ego utuisi obodo ha mba ndi ozo n’uzo ezighi ezi agbasoola usoro a maka iwulite oganihu obodo ha.Nkea ga ebelataGoment igbazi ego mba ozo maka iru oru,ma mekwaa ka ha gbaa mbo iruputa ngwa ihe ndi eji enyere ndu aka tinyekwara imepe obodo.O buru n’oge a enyere aga, Gomenti ga – amalite ikpochi ndi juru ikwu ugwo utuisi ha ma jukwa iwere ohere a enyere.

Aturu anya n’atumatu a ga- ano onwa itolu ,malite n’abali mbu nke onwa asaa ,afo 2017 ruo abali iri ato na otu nke onwa ato afo 2018.Agaghi agbati oge a oburu n’ogafeeoge a.Ndi ejighi oge a enyere ga ata onwe ha uta ma chebiri ihe iwu obodo kwuru.

Akwughi ugwo utuisi bu ida iwu, ntaram ahuhu ya bu itu nga afo ise,ma kwuokwa ugwo ahu tinyere omuru nwa pecent iri nke oga akwu ya pecent iri abuo na otu kwa afo.Ufodu oge ntaram ahuhu ya ga –abu otu nari pecent n’ ime ugwo o ji,maejichikwaa ihe onyeahunwere .Ndi nke jiri ohere oma a kwuo ezi okwu ma mee ihe a turu anya ga enweta mgbaghara.Uru ozo atumatu a bara bu na onye na akwu ugwo ya ga enwe ike denye ihe o nwere no n’aha onye ozo n’aha nke ya.Okwere ka aghota n’otutu ndi Naijeria atufuola ihe ha nwere ebe ha na-ezochi ya.Nke n’eme ebe onye ahu nwuru anwu ma obu onye ahu enweghi ike igosi akwukwo gosiri na ya nwe ihe ahu.Ya kpatara onye o bula ga – eji were ohere a .Okwesiri ka onye nwe ihe jide ihe ya.

Atumatu a ga –emetu utuisi Gomenti etiti nile n’ akwa nke steti,dika ego ulo oru n’enweta,ego ndi nkiti n’enweta,ego ndi oru mmanu petrolu n’enweta,nke ndi ulo akwukwo mahadum n’enweta, nke ndi obere akwukwo eji ezipu akwukwo ozi.

Dika oge enyedere bu onwa isii maka ikwu eziokwu,enweghi oge maka iji kwuchaa ugwo onye ji.Usoro enyere bu n’onye gbasoro atumatu a(VAIDS)ga ekwu eziokwu.

VAIDS bu maka onye o bula maara na ya anaghi akwuzu ihe o kwesiri ikwu.Atumatu a na-aru aka ndi:

  • Ekwuputaghi ihe nile ha nwere na ego ha n’enweta.
  • Ndi anaghi akwu utuisi n’ihe ha nwere ma ncha.
  • Ndi anaghi akwuzu utuisi n’ihe ha n’enweta.

Achoghi ima ma itu asi a o bu ihe onye nwere n’obodo a ma o bu mba ofesi. O buru n’ikwesiri ikwu ugwo,VAIDS n’ enye gi ohere ime nke ikwesiri ime.

Atumatu a bu maka onye o bula ruru ikwu ugwo utuisi.Ndi mmadu, ulo oru di iche iche.

I nwere ike i nweta ozi banyere yana alaka mgbasa ozi nke ulo oru(FIRS).Ulo oru n’ahu maka ina utuisi nke etiti na nke steti(SBIRS).Akara rji enweta ha bu

A ga akwu ugwo nke atumatu a n’ebe emeputara maka ya, nke gunyere FIRS na SBIRS na udi ugwo onye choro ikwu. Ikwu ugwo a ga agbaso ezi aha onye ahu na TIN.Ndi uloaku ga enye onye ahu gosiri n’okwuru ugwo.

Gomentietiti ghotara na ndi nile dara iwu a a gaghi enwe ike ikwu ugwo a otu oge,a ga enye ha ohere afo ato ikwu ugwo ma ha ma ha ga akwu nwa ego na nke ochie ha akwughi.

Ozugbo i denyere aha gi mak VAIDS ,ndi oru a ga enyere gi aka igbakota ego i ga akwu. VAIDS ga enye ozuzu ndiokikpe ga enye ntuzi aka,ndi maara maka mgbako na nwepu ego,n’akwa ndi ozo maara ihe gbasara utuisi iji hu na ndi na- akwu ugwo maara ihe ha n’eme n’usoro iwu Naijeria.

Aturu anya ka onye tozuru ikwu ugwo utuisi mezuo ihe iwu kwuru, o buru n’o meghi nke a o ga akwu ugwo nile ma nke gara aga.

Ihe mbu bu idenye aha gi,a ga eme ka akwukwo i detara maka i denye ahaa ga osiso.

E bum n’uche atumatu a bu echiche nke gi.N’ ihi ya mkpebi i ga kwuo ugwo diiri gi.Ndi oru FIRS ga agbasa ozi maka nke a nke oma ime ka otutu ndi mmadu mara maka ya.

Atumatu a bu maka ndi nile tozuru ikwu ugwo a na Naijeria. Emekwara ya maka ndi no na Naijeria nwere ihe ndi na amutara ha ego na mba ozo ma ha edeputaghi ya, tinyekwara ndi nke anoghi Naijeria ma ha nwere ihe na amutara ha ego nke ha egosiputaghi.Ndi anoghi Naijeria ga esi n’uzo iziga ozi n’ikuku ,ma obu nye ya onye no naNaijeria ka o meere ya.

Ndi emeghi nke a , emechaa choputa ha, aga eme ha ihe usoro iwu kwuru.Anyi etinyela n’ oru otu n’ime otu mba uwa riri amusu n’ichoputa ndi na agho aghugho maka ihe ha nwere ka ha choputa ndi anaghi akwzu ugwo ha.Ihe ga eso ndi e jiere bu ikpochi ha, inata ha ego ndi ha ji ugwo ya n’akwa ita ha ahuhu diiri ha maka agwughi ugwo tinyere nwa ego ya.Nke ozo bu na anyi bu n’uche ikpo ma deputa aha ndia dara iwu ka uwa nu.N’aka nke ozo ndi oru ha bu inakota ego a na akwado idekota ndianaghi ihe iwu kwuru makaime nnyochadike usoro eji hiwe siri di.Ya mere ana agwa ndi nile tozuru ikwu ugwo aka ha were ohere a gosi ihe ha n’enweta ma kwuo ugwo ruuru haiji gbanahu ihe ihere ndi ulo oru a ga enye onye emeghi okwesiri ime tupu oge a agafee.

Iwu ikwu ugwo utuisi Naijeria doro anya, ndi bi na Naijeria kwesiri ikwu ugwo n’ihe ha n’enweta n’ebe o bula n’uwa.Ndi n’akwu ugwo bu:

  • Ndi n’enweta egon’ihe ha nwere na Naijeria
  • Ndi n’enye oru ma ha no na Naijeria ihe ruru abali otu nari, iri asato na ato n’ime onwa iri na abuo.
  • Ulo oru nke Naijeria isi ulo ya dikwa na Naijeria.

Ufodu ndi Naijeria nwere ihe na mba ozo ma ihe ndia anaghi enye ego, ma ha bu ihe onye ahu nweere n’onwe ya.O di etu ahu,agaghi akwuru ya ugwo o bula. Mana o burunke ihe e jiri nwee ya bu site n’ego ndi mmadu kwuru n’utuisi,ma akwuzughi ihe ekwesiri,a ga akwuru ya ihe kwesiri ka akwuo. Ozi ana anata n’ekwu na ufodu ego ndi mmadu ji azu ihe na mba ozo kariri ihe ha na eweta n’utuisi ihe ha zuru.Utuisi ahu bu nke a siri asi na ya.

Oburu n’onye jibu ihe ahu akwuru ugwo tupu enyefee ya ,iwu ejighi ya ma o buru nke emetara oge onye ahu weere ya n’ego onwetara ya onye ahu ga akwu ugwo ya.O burukwanu n’onye ahu akwughi ihe o kwesiri ikwu tupu enyefee ya, o buru n’onye ahu metara ugwo nke Gomenti ga agbaso wee nweta.

Ihe o bula no n’aka gi, agbanyeghi etu osiri rute gi aka ,e kwesiri ka akowaputa ya.VAIDS ga edekota ya nke oma maka inyefe ya n’obianihu.Enwere ike inyefe ihe onye ozo site n’usoro iwu.

Oge ndi ulo orua n’enye bu nke doro anya.Oge a gunyere nke mmadu n’akwa nke ulo oru.Ndi ulo oru FIRS siri na ha ga agba mbo mejuputa nkwa ha kwere.

Eee, ha nwere ike o buru ma ihe onye ahu kowara ejughi afo.Ikikere ndi ulo oru a nwere nyere ha ohere n’usoro iwu isi onye tozuru ikwu ugwo utuisi iweta akwukwo ma obu ihe ndi ozo ha choro.N’ime ogea onye nwe ahia nwere ike ihazi ihe ndi otinyeghi.Mana aga anata akwukwo ya n’oge ahu akara aka VAIDS.

Ugwo ndi nke akwuru akwu ga edobe onye ahu n’onodu ya dika onye na akwu ugwo.

Mba, igaghi emenwu ya maka ihe gosiri n’i kwuru ugwo bu aha gi ma o bu aha ulooru gi. Ihe o bula onye weputara bu ihe nzuzo nye ndi ulo oru ahu.

Nkwa e kwere bu na ihe obula onye weputara aga ekpuchigide ya.Emeputara usoro nke ozi o bula enyere ndi ulo oru a agaghi erute ndi ozo nti dika usoro iwu siri di.

Ìbéèrè nípa Ètò Ìfinú-fíndọ̀ Ìkéde Dúkìá ati Owó tó ń wọlé fún ọmọ Nigeria
Ètò VAIDS jẹ́ àǹfààní fún àwọn olùsanwó orí lati se àtúnse ipò owóorí pẹ̀lú àkókò owóorí gbígbà ni ìbámu pẹ̀lú kíkéde dúkìá ati owó tó ń wọlé fun ẹnìkanpẹ̀lú òtítọ́ inú. Bí ẹnìkan ba gbé ìgbésẹ̀ lati se àkóyawọ́ ati òtítọ́ nípa kíkéde dúkìá ati owó tó ńwọlé fún-un lati ẹ̀yìn wá, yóò ni àǹfààní sí àforíjìn ati ìfojú-fò nípa ìjìyà ti kò bá tọ́ sí irú ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀, bẹ́ẹ̀ ni wọn kòni ba se ẹjọ́ nípa àìkò san owóorí tó yẹ kó san tẹ́lẹ̀. Èròńgbà VAIDS ni lati jẹ́ kí àǹfààní wà fún ètò ìpawó wọlé ni ilẹ̀ Nigeria,kí ìlanilọ́yẹ̀ ati ìbamú sì wà.

Owóorí sísan ni ilẹ̀ Nigeria wà ni ìbámu pẹ̀lú ìlànà bi wọn se ń se káàkiri àgbáyé. Étò yìí ni ó fi àǹfààní sílẹ̀ fun ìdàgbàsòkè, nibi ti àwọn tó ń gba owó osù gọbọi yóò san owóorí wọn gẹ́gẹ́ bí owo tí wọn ń gbà ni gbogbo àkókò supgbọ́n tó jẹ́ wí pé ọ̀pọ̀ àwọn onísẹ́ àdáni, àwọn akọ́sẹ́mọsẹ́ ati àwọn ilé isẹ́ ọlọ́kan-ò-jọ̀kan kìí san owóorí wọn déédé látàrí bí àwọn tó wà ní ẹ̀ka owóorí gbígbà kò se mọ iye tó ń wọlé sí àpò irú àwọn ènìyàn wọ̀nyìí.

Gẹ́gẹ́ bí ìgbìmọ̀ àjọ tó ń rísí owóorí gbígbà - Joint Tax Board (JTB) se sọ, àkọsílẹ̀ fihàn nínú osù karun-un ọdún 2017 wí pé, ó lé ní mílíọ̀nù méjìlá Naira tó wọlé dípò àfojúsùn mílíọ̀nù mọ́kàndínláàdọ́rin tó yẹ kó wọlé lati ara kátàkárà ti òsu kọrin ọdún 2017.

Bí ènìyàn ba wo ètò owóorí gbígbà ni ilẹ̀ Nigeria sí àwọn orílẹ̀èdè miran, ìdá mẹ́fà nínú ọgọ́rùn-ún ni èyí jẹ́, tí ó sì fihàn wí pé èyi kére jù ni gbogbo àgbáyé bí a ba wo orílẹ̀èdè India tó jẹ́ ìdá mẹ́rìndínlọ́gbọ̀n, Ghana ìdá mẹ́ẹ̀dógún ó lé díẹ̀, South Africa ìdá mẹ́tàdínlọ́gbọ̀n nínú ọgọ́rùn-ún. Gbogbo àwọn orílẹ̀èdè tó gòkè àgbà ní àgbáyé ló jẹ́ wí pé láàrin ìdá méjìlélọ́gbọ̀n sí ìdá márùndínlógójì ni ètò ìsan owóorí jẹ́ ni ilẹ̀ wọn.

Àwọn Ọ̀nà tí wọn n Gbà lati fi sá fun Owóorí Sísan:

  • Ọ̀pọ̀ ìwé àkọsílẹ̀ nípa owóorí ló jẹ́ orísìí meji ti àwọn ènìyàn ń ni.
  • Ọ̀pọ̀lọpọ̀ ìpínlẹ̀ ni kò ni òsìsẹ́ to lati mọ àkọsílẹ̀ nipa iye àwọn ènìyàn to ń san owóorí ni ìpínlẹ̀ wọn.
  • Lílo ọgbọ́n ati ìwa awúrúju miran lati sá fun owóorí sísan.
  • Àìkò forúkọ sílẹ̀ fun ètò VAT tàbi ki wọn gba owóori VAT kí wọn mase kóo jísẹ́ fun àjọ FIRS.
  • Mí máse san owóorí lórí ère-ǹjẹ tìta dúkìá ẹni

Bí gbígba owóorí wọlé ni Nigeria se kéré si ìgbé ayé àwọn ọmọ orílẹ̀èdè yìí ń gbé ati àwọn dúkìá ti àwọn tó ńgbélé ni fihàn wí pé ko dara rárá. Ní àfikún o yẹ kí o di mímọ̀ wí pé gbogbo okoòwò wọn ati bi ìjèrè si wọn se rú gọ́gọ́ ati bi wọn kìí se sanwó orí jẹ́ kí ìpawó wọlé kéré jọjọ nílẹ̀ yìí.

Ìgbìyànjú ń lọ káàkiri àgbáyé lati kojú ìsoro ti owó àìtọ́ ati sísá fun owóorí sísan ń kó ba àìdàgbàsókè àwọn orílẹ̀èdè àgbáyé. Àbọ̀ ìwádìí ààrẹ àná ni South Africa, Thabo Mbeki fihàn wí pé iye owó àìtọ́ to ń wọ ilẹ̀ Africa kọjá owó ìdàgbàsókè to ń wọlé lọ. Orílẹ̀èdè Nigeria si ni owó àìtọ́ yìí ń wọlẹ̀ si jù.

Gẹ́gẹ́ bí ọ̀nà lati se àtúnse ati àtúnkọ́ ilẹ̀ Nigeria lábẹ́ ìsàkóso ààrẹ Muhammadu Buhari, àwọn ìjọba káàkiri àgbáyé ti jẹ́ẹ̀jẹ́ àtìlẹyìn fun Nigeria lati ríi wí pé gbogbo owó ilẹ̀ yìí ti àwọn ọ̀bàyèjẹ́ kan kó lọ ni wn dá padà. Ilẹ̀ Nigeria ti tọwọ́ bọ ìwé àdéhùn àjọsepọ̀ pẹ̀lú àwọn orílẹ̀èdè kan l’ágbayé nípa títa ara wọn lólobo nípa àkọsílẹ̀ ati okòòwò ati ọ̀rọ̀ wóorí kan tàbì òmíràn lórí bi wọn se ń sá fun owóorí sísan. Lára iru orílẹ̀èdè tó ti fọwọ́sí àdéhùn bẹ́ẹ̀ pẹ̀lú ilẹ̀ Nigeria ni Switzerland, Panam, Bahamas ati àwọn orílẹ̀èdè míran. Àkọsílẹ̀ nipa ọ̀rọ̀ báǹkì ni wọn yóò máa fi han ara wọn gẹ́gẹ́ bi wọn yóò se máa se àmúlò àjọsepọ̀ ààbọ̀ ìwádìí (Common Report Standard – CRS) láàrin ara wọn.

Ní ọjọ́ kẹrìndińlógún osù kẹjọ ọdún 2016, ìgbìmọ̀ alásẹ ìjọba àpapọ̀ fọwọ́sí kí ilẹ̀ Nigeria kópa láàrin awọn orílẹ̀èdè ti yóò máa sàmúlò lílo àbọ̀ ìwádìí. Èyí yóò fun àwọn orílẹ̀èdè ni àǹfààní lati ri òkodoro ati ìmọ́lẹ̀ nípa ìsọwọ́sísẹ́ àwọn ilé isẹ́ ilẹ̀ òkèèrè ni orílẹ̀èdè kan ati bi wọn se ń sá fun owórí sisan ni orílẹ̀èdè kan. Ní àfikún orílẹ̀èdè Nigeria tọwọ́ bọ ìwé àdéhùn nípa ìdásílẹ̀ àǹfààní ìforúkọsílẹ̀ awọn ile isẹ́ nibi ìpàdé àpérò nípa ìgbógunti ìwà ìbàjẹ́ ni London 2016 fun àwọn to ni dúkìá ni ààyè niilẹ̀ Gẹ̀ẹ́sì ati àwọn orílẹ̀èdè to kù lati kópa.

Ni ilẹ̀ Nigeria, àtúnse tó wáyé láìpẹ́ jẹ́ kí àwọn tó ń sàkóso ètò owóorí ní ìmọ̀ kíkún si,èyí tó jẹ́ kí àsepọ̀ wà láàrin gbogbo ẹ̀ka ìjọba, ti wọn si ni òye lati ara BVN, NFIU, àwọn ìpínlẹ̀ tó ń forúkọ àwọn ilé isẹ́ sílẹ̀, àjọ ìjọba àpapọ̀ to ń se ìforúkọsílẹ̀ àwọn ilé isẹ́ gbogbo (CAC), pẹ̀lú ìgbésẹ̀ yìí, o jẹ́ kí ó rọrùn lati ní àkọsílẹ̀ tó péye nípa àwọn tó ń sanwó orí ni ilẹ̀ Nigeria. Bákan náà ni ẹ̀ka tó ń se àwárí dúkìá àwọn aráàlú ni ilé isẹ́ ètò ìsúná ti gba àwọn akọ́sẹ́mọsẹ́ káàkiri àgbáyé lati leè se àkójọ àkọsílẹ̀ àwọn dukìá àwọn aráàlú ati ilé isẹ́ gbogbo. Àbájáde ìwádìí náà fihàn wí pé ọ̀pọ̀ àwọn aráàlú ati ilé isẹ́ ni kò tẹ̀lé ìkéde dúkìá ẹni yìí, èyí l ́ fàá ti ètò ìfinú- fíndọ̀ ìkéde dúkìá ati owó tó ń wọlé fún ni (VAIDS) se fi ààyè sílẹ̀ fun àwọn olùsanwó orí lati se átúnseètò yìí nípa owóorí tí wọn ń san.

Bí ó tilẹ̀ jẹ́ pé ń kò mọ̀ nípa òfin kìí se àwáwí tó fẹsẹ̀ rinlẹ̀ rárá, sùgbọ́n ìjọba ti gbé ìgbésẹ̀ akin lati dáríjìn gbogbo àwọn ènìyàn tó sá fun owóorí sísan yálà àwọn tó mọ̀-ń-mọ̀ sé èyí tàbí àwọn tí ko tilẹ̀ mọ̀, àkókò nìyí fun olúkúlùkù ọmọ orílẹ̀èdè Nigeria lati se àtúnse lati màa san owóorító yẹ kí wọn máa san, kí owó leè wà lati pèsè àwọn nǹkan amáyédẹrùn nílẹ̀ yíì. Àwọn orílẹ̀èdè bíi indonesia, Italy ati argentina ti ìpasí-payọ ti wà nínú sísan owóorí ni ilẹ́ wọn ni àyípadà irú ìgbésẹ̀ ti ilẹ̀ Nigeria gúnlè ti mú éso dáni wá fun wọn. Pẹ̀lú ìgbésẹ̀ tuntun yìí, yóò dín owó yíyá ti Nigeria ń yá kù lati fi pèsè àwọn nǹkan amáyédẹrùn pẹ̀lú ìfọwọ́-so-wọ-pọ̀ àwọn aráàlú bẹ́ẹ̀ ni ìjọba yóòmú ìdàgbàsókè bá àwọn nǹkan amáyédẹrùn.

Lẹ́yìn ààyè àkókò ti ìjọba fi silẹ̀ lati se àtúnse nípa ọ̀rọ̀ owóorí sísan bá ti kọjá, yóò di ẹ̀sẹ̀ fun ẹnìkẹ́ni tó ba kọ̀ lati san owóorí tàbí kọ̀ lati kéde dúkìá rẹ̀ gẹ́gẹ́ bí o ti yẹ. Ó se pàtàkì lati se àmúlò ètò ìfinú-fíndọ̀ ìkéde dúkìá ati owó tó ń wọlé fun yìí (ìyẹn VAIDS)

Ètò ìfinú-fíndọ̀ ìkéde dúkìá ati owó tó ń wọlé fun ni (VAIDS) yóò gba osù mẹ́sàn- án gbáko, nígbà ti yóò bẹ̀rẹ̀ ni ọjọ́ kínni osù keje ọdún 2017 sí ọjọ́ kọkànlélọ́gbọ̀n osù kẹta ọdún 2018 (1st July 2017 – 31st March 2018). Kò ní sí ààyè fun àfikún tàbi sísúnọjọ́ ti ètò náà yóò parí. Ní gẹ́rẹ́ ti ètò náà bá parí, yóò di ẹ̀sẹ̀ fun ẹnìkẹ́ni lati máse san owóorí gẹ́gẹ́ bí o se yẹ, nípa èyí a rọ gbogbo àwọn tókùnà lati se àkọsílẹ̀ tó péye nípa dúkìá ati owó tó ń wọlé fun wọn lati se àmúlò àkókò yìí fún àtúnse tó yẹ kí wọn maa baà f’ojú winá òfin.

Ẹ̀sẹ̀ ńlá ni fun ènìyàn lati kọ̀ nípa sísan owóorí rẹ̀ ni àkókò tó yẹ, ti o si jẹ́ wí pé bi ọwọ́ òfin ba tẹ irú ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀, ẹ̀wọ̀n ọdún márùn-ún ni yóò fi jura gẹ́gẹ́ bi òfin se làá kalẹ̀, bákan náà yóò san owó to jẹ, yóò sì tún san èlé ìdá mẹ́wàá owó pẹ̀lú. Yàtọ̀ si èyí yóò tún máa san ìdá mọ́kànlélógún èlé lórí àwọn dúkìá rẹ̀ lati ìgbà ti òfin bá ti mu irú ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀. Nígbà miran o leè jẹ́ ìdá ọgọ́rùn-ún ni òjì tí wọn yóò ta irú ẹni tí o bá l’ùfin owóorí sísan tàbi kí ìjọba tilẹ̀ gba irú dúkìá bẹ́ẹ̀ lọ́wọ́ rẹ̀. O se pàtàkì ki àwọn ọmọ orílẹ̀èdè Nigeria lo àǹfààní àkókò àlàfo ètò ìfinú-fíndọ̀ ìkéde dúkìá ati iye owó tó ń wọlé fun ni lati se gbogbo nǹkan tó bá yẹ, nítorí ìjọba yóò se àforíjìn ati àmójú-kúrò nínú àsìse rẹ̀ ní àkókò yìí.

O yẹ kí o di mímọ̀ wí pé àǹfààní ti ètò ìfinú-fíndọ̀ ìkéde dúkìá ẹni ati owó to ń wọlé yóò tún mú dání ni wí pé, olùsanwó orí yóò ni àǹfààní lati kó gbogbo dúkìá rẹ̀ s’ójú kan pàápàá jùlọ èyí ti ó kó sábẹ́ ìsàkóso ẹnìkan tẹ́lẹ̀. Ọ̀pọ̀lọpọ̀ ọmọ Nigeria ló ti pàdánu dúkìá wọn látàrí wí pé wṣn ko sábẹ́ ẹnìkan tàbí wọn fi irú orúkọ̀ ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ ràá. Bí irú ènìyaǹ bẹ́ẹ̀ bá papòdà tàbi o jẹ́ Ọlọ́run ní pè, yóò sòro lati ri dúkìá bẹ́ẹ̀ gbà padà lọ́wọ́ ẹni tí ó kóo si, nítori kó si ẹ̀rí wí pé òun ló ni dúkìá náà. Ó hàn gbangba wí pé òfin àgbáyé kò ni fààyè gba ìwà ìpasí-payọ bẹ́ẹ̀ mọ́ bẹ́ẹ̀ni yóò sòro fun irú ẹni tí o hu irù ìwà bẹ́ẹ̀ lati lọ láì jìyà. Nípa èyí kí àwọn ọmọ orílẹ̀èdè Nigeria lo àǹfààní ètò yìí lati se àtúnse nípa gbogbo dúkìá wọn kí ó tó di wí pé òfin bẹ̀rẹ̀ sí ni mú wọn. O se pàtàkì ki o jẹ́ ẹni tí o ni dúkìá ló kéde rẹ̀ dípo alàgàta.

Ètò ìfinú-fíndọ̀ ìkéde dúkìá ati iye owó tó ń wọlé yóò fààyè gba gbogbo owóorí ìjọba àpapọ̀, ìpínlẹ̀, àwọn ilé isẹ́ owóorí aládani, owóorí lórí èrè-ǹjẹ epo rọ̀bì, owóorí lórí àwọn ìpín ìdókoòwò, owóorí nípa àwọn ìwé kan ati owóorí tí wọn ń gbà ni ètò ilé ẹ̀kọ́ gíga.

Gẹ́gẹ́ bí òfin owóorí se làá kalẹ̀ pé ìwádìí leè wáyé láàrin ọdún mẹ́fà sẹ́yìn lórí irú owóorí tí ẹnìkan san lóri dúkìá rẹ̀, kò sí gbèdéke àkókò fun ẹni ti o ba se awúrúju lórí ìkéde nípa owóorí lórí ètò VAIDS, o jẹ́ kàn-ńpá fun olùsanwó orí lati kéde gbogbo dúkìá rẹ̀ pẹ̀lú òtítọ́ ati àkóyawọ́.

Ètò ìfinú-fíndọ̀ ìkéde dúkìá ati owó tó ń wọlé fààyè gba gbogbo àwọn ti kìí san owóorí tẹ́lẹ̀ tàbí àwọn to ń l’ùfin owóorí sìsan. Bákan náà àfojúsùn ètò VAIDS wà fun àwọn asanwó orí wọ̀nyìí:

  • Àwọn ti kò ti kéde gbogbo dúkìá tó yẹ ki wọn máa san owóorí lé lórí;
  • Àwọn ti kò ti máa san owóorí rárá t`abí
  • Àwọn to ń san owó tó kéré si iye tó yẹ́ kí wọn máa san tàbi àwọn to ń san èyí ti o kéré jọjọ.

Kìí se dandan kó jẹ́ pé òfin owóorí sísan wàyé lati ara àìkéde dúkìá ẹni yálà èyí ti o wa lórílẹ̀èdè t`abi èyí ti o wà lókè òkun, bí èníyàn bá ti ń san owóorí rẹ̀ ètò VAIDS tún fààyè sílẹ̀ lati kéde dúkìá ẹni láìkò f’epo b’ọyọ, kí iru ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ si kéde gbogbo kọ́lọ́fín ati kùdìẹ̀-kudiẹ to ́ wà nínú dúkìá rẹ̀.

Ètò VAIDS wà fun ẹnìkẹni tó lẹ́tọ̀ọ́ si owóorí sísan, yálà ẹnìkọ̀ọ̀kan, lájọ-lájọ tàbí ẹni tí ó ń s’àmójútó ilé-isẹ́ ati gbogbo ilé-isẹ́ pátápátá.

Lati ní òye ati àlàyé kíkún lóri èto ìfinú-fíndọ̀ kéde dúkìá ati owó ti ó ń wọlé, ẹ leè kàn si ẹ̀ka ìròyìn ati ọ̀rọ̀ tó ń lọ ni ilé isẹ́ ìjọba àpapọ̀ tó n rísí ọ̀rọ̀ owóori (FIRS), gbogbo ẹ̀ka àjọ tó ń rísí ọ̀rọ̀ owóorí ni ìpínlẹ̀ kákèjádò ilẹ̀ yìí (SBIRS) bẹ́ẹ̀ ni wọn ẹ tún leè kàn sí àdírẹ́sì ìtàkùn ayélujára ètò ìfinú-fíndọ̀ kéde dukìá ati owó tó ń wọlé fun ni, ìyẹn;

Gbogbo owóorí tí ènìyàn ba san lábẹ́ ètò yìí ni o jẹ́ wí pé àwọn àjọ tàbí ìgbìmọ̀ tó lẹ́tọ̀ọ́ sí gbígba owóori, ìyẹn ti ìjọba àpapọ̀ (FIRS) tàbi ti ìpínlẹ̀ (SBIRS). Èyíkeyi ti kì báà jẹ́ nípa owóorí sísan. Irú sísan owóorí bẹ́ẹ̀ gbọ́dọ̀ ni orúkọ kíkún, nọ́ḿbà ìdánimọ̀ sísan owóorí (TIN). Báǹkì yóò sì fun iru ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ ni ìwé ẹ̀rí wí pé o sanwó náà.

Ìjọba àpapọ̀ mọ̀ wí pé gbogbo àwọn to jẹ gbèsè owóorí sísan ló ní dúkìá kan tàbí òmíràn sùgbọ́n ti wọn ko lówó lọ́wọ́ lati san, ìjọba àpapọ̀ yóò fààyè gba iru ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ lati s’àdéhùn pẹ̀lú ìjọba ọ̀nà ati ìgbésẹ̀ ti yóò gbe lati fi san owó náà díẹ̀-díẹ̀ títí tí yóo fi san tán. Bí àjọsọ to gúnmọ́ bá wà láàrin ìjọba ati iru ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀, wọn leè fààyè gba kí o san gbèsè náà láàrin ọdún mẹ́ta, bẹ́ẹ̀ kí o mọ̀ wí pé yóò san èlé lórí iye tó ba kù lórí owó tó bá san.

Bí ènìyàn ba ti f’orúkọ sílẹ̀ lábẹ́ ètò ìfinú fíndọ̀ kéde dúkìá ati owó tó ń wọlé ẹni (VAIDS), àwọn asojú àjọ FIRS yóo fun ènìyàn ni fọ́ọ̀mù ti yóò fọwọsí, bẹ́ẹ̀ ni wọn yóò se ìrànlọ́wọ́ fun lati báa se òǹkà iye ti iru ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ jẹ. VAIDS yóò se ìrànlọ́wọ́ ìdánilẹ́kọ̀ọ́ fun àwọn onímọ̀ nípa isẹ́ òfin, olùsirò tó jẹ́ ti owóorí ati àwọn akọ́sẹ́mọsẹ́ miran lati leè jẹ́ kí wọn mọ ojúse wọn lábẹ́ òfin owóorí gbígbà ni ilẹ̀ Nigeria.

Ojúse gbogbo olùsanwó ori ni lati tẹ̀lé òfin ati ìlànà owóorí sisan, bẹ́ẹ̀ ni ètò ìfinú- fíndọ̀ ìkéde dúkìá ati iye owó tó ń wọlé fun ni yóò fun ọmọ orílẹ̀èdè yìí ni àǹfààní lati se nǹkan to yẹ atipe ẹni ti kò ba se àmúlò àǹfààni òfin yìí títí tó fi parí, ti kò si kéde dúkìá rẹ̀ yóò pàdánù àǹfààní náà bẹ́ẹ̀ ni òfin owóorí sísan yóò gbé iru ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ dè ti yóò si san gbogbo owó tó bá yẹ lábẹ́ òfin owóorí sísan nílẹ̀ yìí.

Nǹkan àkọ́kọ́ ti iru ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ yóò se ni lati se ìforúkọ sílẹ̀ fun gbígba nọmba ìdánimọ̀ fun owóorí sísan. Kíákíá ni wọn yóò se ìforúkọ sílẹ̀ fun iru ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀.

Ètò VAIDS jẹ́ ìfinú-fíndọ̀ lati se, kíkópa ẹnìkan nínú ètò gbọdọ̀ jẹ́ ìpinnu olùsanwó orí. Àjọ ìjọba àpapọ̀ tó ń rísí ọ̀rọ̀ owóorí (FIRS) yóò se ìpolongo ati ìlanilọ́yẹ̀ tó kún fún àwọn aráàlú kí o leè jẹ́ kóríyá fun wọn lati kópa nínú ètò náà.

Ètò náà wà fun gbogbo ẹni tí o bá lẹ́tọ̀ọ́ lati sanwó orí ni Nigeria, bẹ́ẹ̀ ni o tún fààyè gba gbogbo ẹni tí ó ń gbé ilẹ̀ yìí ti kò tíì kéde dúkìá tó yẹ kó san owóorí lé lórí yálà ẹni tí o wà nílé tàbí lókè òkun, bákan náà ni ètò náà wà fun ẹni tí kò gbélé sùgbọ́n ìpawó wọ́le rẹ̀ wà ni orílẹ̀èdè yìí. A rọ gbogbo àwọn ènìyàn tó ń gbé lókè òkun lati lo àǹfààní ètò ìfinú-fíndọ̀ ìkéde dúkìá ẹni lati lo ìtàkùn ayélujára lati kéde dúkìá rẹ̀ gẹ́gẹ́ bí òfin se làá kalẹ̀.

Àwọn ti kò ba lo àǹfààní ètò VAIDS yìí títí àkókò tó bá parí, ti kò si finú-fíndọ̀ kéde dúkìá ati iye owó to ń wọlé fun-un, ìjọba yóò gbà wí pé iru ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ fàáké kọ́rí lati san owóorí ni, yóò si fojú winá òfin gẹ́gẹ́ bí o se wà nínú àkọsílẹ̀ ìwé òfin. A fẹ́ kí o di mímọ̀ fun àwọn ènìyàn wí pé ìjọba ti gba àwọn ògbóǹtagí akọ́sẹ́mọsẹ́ ti yóò ba wọn se àwárí dúkìá ẹnìkọ̀ọ̀kan ni gbogbo ibi ti o ba wà pàápàá gbogbo àwn tó yẹ kó kópa nínu ètò ìfínú-fíndọ̀ kéde dúkìá ẹni. O seése ki iru ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ fi ọ̀bẹ ẹ̀yìn jẹ ìjọba n’ísu nípa owó tó yẹ kó san. Bi iru ọwọ́ pálábá ẹni náà bá s’egí, yóò fimú dánrin òfin, yóò san gbogbo èlé ati owó ìtanràn to ba yẹ. Yàtọ̀ si èyí wọn yóò tun gbé iru orúkọ ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ jáde káàkiri àgbáyé lati jẹ́ ìtìjú ńlá fún-un. Ètò yóò ri wí pé àwọn fojú àwọn ọ̀bàyéjẹ́ ti kò san owóorí hàn fáráyé.

Síwájú si, gbogbo àjọ tọ́rọ̀ kan nìa ọ̀rọ̀ owóorí ni o ti ń kó orúkọ àwọn ènìyàn ati lájọ-lájọ jọ, pàápàá àwọn ti ko san owóorí, bẹ́ẹ̀ ni ìwádìí ti ń lọ lọ́wọ́ lórí iru àwọn ènìyàn wọ̀nyìí. A wá rọ gbogbo àwọn olùsanwó owóorí lati lo àǹfààní ètò VAIDS lati kéde dúkìá wọn, kí wọn si san gbogbo àjẹsílẹ̀ owóorí ti wọn ba jẹ lati ẹ̀yìn wá kí ó tó di wí pé òfin tó rọ̀ mọ́ owóorí sísan bẹ̀rẹ̀ si ni sísẹ bo se yẹ.

Òfin owóorí ní Nigeria kò rújú rára, gbogbo ọmọ ilẹ̀ yìí tó bá ń gbélé yóò san owóorí lórí dúkìá ati wó tó ń wọlé fun ni ibikíbi lágbaye.

Àwọn ọmọ tó ń gbélé tó lẹ́tọ̀ọ́ lati san owóorí ni ìwọ̀nyìí

  • Ẹnikẹ́ni tó bá jẹ́ wí pé orílẹ̀èdè yìí ni ọ̀nà ìpawo wọlé rẹ̀ wa
  • Òsìsẹ́ ọmọ Nigeria tó ń sisẹ́ nílẹ̀ yìí tó tún ń gbé Nigeria, o kéré tán ọjọ́ mẹ́tàlélọ́gọ́sàn-án (183days) láàrin ọdún kan
  • Ilé isẹ́ tó bá forúkọ silẹ̀ nílẹ̀ yìí tó sì jẹ́ wí pé gbogbo nǹkan to fi ń sisẹ́ jẹ́ ti ilẹ̀ yìí yóò ni ẹ̀tọ́ lati san owóorí.

Àwọn ọmọ orílẹ̀èdè yìí kan ni dúkìá lókè òkun ti owó kò wọlé fun wọn lati orírẹ̀ tó jẹ́ wí pé ìlò ara wọn ni dúkìá bẹ́ẹ̀ wà fun. Bi iru èyí bá sẹlẹ̀ ti o si jẹ́ wí pé ilẹ̀ Nigeria ni wọn ti rí iru owó ti wọn fi ni dúkìá bẹ́ẹ̀ sùgbọ́n ti ìwádìí fihàn wí pé wọn ko san iye tó tọ́ gẹ́gẹ́ bi owóorí lori dúkìá tàbi owó bẹ́ẹ̀, òfin ni wọn yóò se àmúlò rẹ pàápàá ti wọn bá ri pé kò san iye tó yẹ kó san. Iru ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ yóò san èyí ti o kù lori iye tó yẹ kó san.

Ìwádìí fihàn pé ọ̀pọ̀ dúkìá ti awọn ọmọ Nigeria ni lókè òkun kọjá iye ti wọn kéde rẹ, nipa èyi o hàn wí pé irọ́ pátápátá ni wọn kéde rẹ fáyé gbọ́. Iru dúkìá bẹ́ẹ̀ sẹ̀ sí òfin owóorí gbígbà nílẹ̀ yìí.

Èto ìmáse kópa nínú owóorí sísan lẹ́tọ̀ọ́ lábẹ́ òfin sùgbọ́n sísá-fun owóorí sísan jẹ́ ẹ̀sẹ̀ ńlá. Tí ó bá jẹ́ wí pé sáájú kí ẹni tí o jẹ àǹfààní dúkìá tàbi iru owó bẹ́ẹ̀ ni wọn ti san gbogbo owó tó yẹ, wọn kò lẹ́tọ̀ọ́ lábẹ́ òfin lati san owó miran mọ́ ààyàfi owóorí miran tó bá yẹ kí irú ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ san.

wọn san, sùgbọ́n bi ìwádìí bá fihàn pé wọn kò san gbogbo nǹkan tó yẹ tàbi wọn kò san-án pe ki o to di wí pé dúkìá náà bọ́ sí ọwọ́ elòmíràn tàbi jogún rẹ, yóò san gbogbo nǹkan to ba lẹ́tọ̀ọ́ lati san fun ìjọba nípa iru dúkìá bẹ́ẹ̀. Gbogbo dúkìá ti ènìyàn bá ni yálà lórúkọ ara rẹ̀ tàbí lórúkọ elòmíràn ló gbọ́dọ̀ kéde rẹ̀ lábẹ́ ètò VAIDS. Ètò VAIDS yóò fààyè gba kí énìyàn ni àkọsílẹ̀ to yanrantí wí pé dúkìá rẹ ni, nítori ọjọ́ iwájú. Ààyè wà fun ẹnìkẹni lati gba dúkìá rẹ tó bá wà tàbi sábẹ́ ìsàkosóẹnìkan gẹ́gẹ́ bi òfin se gbàá láàyè. Bákan náà ni òfin gbàá láàyè lati kéde dúkìá rẹ̀ tó wà lábẹ́ ìsàkosó ẹnìkan.

Ààyè àlààfíà ìdẹ̀rùn èlé ati ìjìyà ti àjọ FIRS se àgbékalẹ̀ rẹ̀ nípa owóorí sísan kò ni kọlu ètò VAIDS rárá nítori àkókó náà yóò ti pari kí ó tó di wí pé étó VAIDS gberasọ.

Ètò VAIDS ti sàlàyé ní ẹ̀kúnrẹ́rẹ́ ati àkókò ti yóò lò. Ètò VAIDS wà fun owóorí ẹnìkọ̀ọ̀kan ati gbogbo ilé isẹ́. Ìjẹ́ẹ̀jẹ́ àjọ FIRS ni pé gbogbo àwárí ti ètò VAIDS ba se nípa àwọn ti ko ba sanwó orí kò ní sí wàhálà kankan fun wọn níwọ̀n ìgbà tí wọn ba ti se gbogbo nǹkan to yẹ lábẹ́ òfin.

Lóòtọ́ ni o, àjọ tó ń rísí ọ̀rọ̀ owóorí yóò se àgbéyẹ̀wò àkọsílẹ̀ àwọn olùsanwo orí, bí kò bá sì tẹ́ wọn lọ́rùn o seése ki wọn pé iru ẹni bẹ́ẹ̀ lati wa àfikún àkọsílẹ̀ rẹ̀. Àwọn tọ́rọ̀ kan nìa owóorí ni òfin fún ni agbára lati bèèrè lọ́wọ́ gbogbo àwọn tó ń san owóorí npa àkọsílẹ̀ woọn gbogbo kí àkóyawọ́ leè wà. O yẹ ki gbogbo àwọn ènìyàn mọ̀ wí pé gbogbo àkọsílẹ̀ ti wọn yóò ba se gbọ́dọ̀ wà láàrin àkókò ètò VAIDS yìí.

Gbogbo owóorí ti olúkálùkù ti san ni yóò wa ni àkọsílẹ̀ lati leè sọ ipò tí olúkálùkù olùsanwó orí wà.

Kò sí ààyè fun èyi. Ẹnìkẹni ko leè kéde lábẹ́ asọ. Fun olùsanwó orí kan lati gba ìwé mo wẹ̀, mo yán kànìn-kànìn, ó gbọ́dọ̀ kéde dúkìá ati nǹkan ìní rẹ̀ dáradára, bẹ́ẹ̀ ni o si gbọdọ̀ san owó tó yẹ ko san ni orúkọ rẹ̀ tàbí ilé isẹ́ to bá ń kéde dúkìá rẹ. O yẹ kí ó di mímọ̀ wí pé ààbò tó péye wà fun olúkálukú tó bá kéde rẹ̀.

Ìdánilójú wà wí pé ààbò tó péye wà fun àkọsílẹ̀ ti mo bá se lábẹ́ ètò yìí, bẹ́ẹ̀ ni ètò wa pé gbogbo àkọsílẹ̀ ìkéde ẹnìkọ̀ọ̀kan ni o wani ìpamọ́, tí kò sì hàn si aráyé rí, bẹ́ẹ̀ ni etí kẹta kò mọ nǹkan ti olùsanwó orí kọ sílẹ̀ nínú àkọsílẹ̀ rẹ gẹ́gẹ́ bí òfin ilẹ̀ yìí se sọ nípa ìkéde dúkìá ẹni.

Questions wey people dey carry ask on top nigerian voluntary assets and income declaration scheme

VAIDS na one time opening for where contri pipo wey suppose dey pay tax fit to come to confirm all d mata wey dey on top dia tax, make evrytin for dey kampe.

Dis one mean say if contri man fit come out talk truth of all de proproti wey im get wey im neva tell government before, government go forgive am for all de tax wey im no pay since all d time wey im suppose don dey pay. Still inside de forgiveness, government go still make sure say im no go enter wahala investigation on top tax mata, and dem no go carry am go court on top of de tax wey im don chop before before.

Dis VAIDS na government way to take make sure say all contri people sabi de mata of tax wey dey very important and to make sure say dem dey pay make dem no enter wahala.

First for all, de way wey Nigeria dey do tax mata na de best way for dis whole world. Infact, with our style, dem no fit to cheat anybody. People wey dey collect big money chop, na dem dey pay big tax.

De tin be say, even though government don put plenty beta waka for ground on top tax payment, some pipo like de ones wey dey do handwork, de ones wey get dia own business come employ diasef, de companies dem wey no be government get am and some oda petty petty work dem, no dey pay dia tax complete. In fact, some of dem no dey pay anytin at all at all, because de tax officers dem no get way to take know d real proproti and money wey dis people get true true or how much de business dey commot and so, dem no fit tax dem well.

According by wetin Joint Tax Board wey be JTB for short don calculate for May 2017, na only 14 million contri pipo dey pay tax well for inside de 69 million wey dey work dey chop for Nigeria.

If u take we GDP for Nigeria take do maths for we tax, na 6 percent we dey pay. This 6 percent join for de smallest tax for de whole world. Just imagine say Nigeria own na 6 percent for where India na 16 percent, Ghana here dey pay 15.9 percent and South Africa own sef reach 27 percent. In fact all dis big big contris wey don tear eye well well dey pay reach 32 to 35 percent sef.

E get some ways wey contri pipo dey take dodge dia tax wey dem suppose dey pay. Some of dem na:

  • To dey do magomago come get two account books for office, one for on top, another one under table.
  • De ones wey government no sabi how much money dia business dey commot and dem sef no open mouth talk.
  • To dey follow long journey wit plenty story for business mata make nobody for understand how de business.
  • De ones wey no just register for Value Added Tax wey be VAT for short, or de ones wey dey collect de VAT money, and dem no go give government wey get am.
  • De pipo wey sell proproti wey no pay Capital Gains Tax wey be CGT give government.

To talk true, de small tax wey we dey pay for Nigeria no follow with de big man life wey many contri pipo dey live for dis contri, or de plenty big big proproti wey Nigerian get for both inside and outside de contri. Na Nigeria even get some of de biggest companies for Africa wey money boku for inside but we dey pay chikini money as tax.

For all over de world, dem don start plan to take commot d magomago movement of money and de dodging of tax payment wey dey cause make contri no move forward. E dey even spoil contri because na corruption. The premier for South Africa before before Thabo Mbeki, do one calculate wey come show say de magomago money wey dey disappear commot for Africa plenty well well pass d help money wey dey enter. And na Nigeria naim get de highest magomago movement of money.

For inside de global support to beta dis contri under dis government of President Muhammadu Buhari, de government don do agreement with some other contris dem make dem for dey return money wey no be dia own. Nigeria don still do join body with dis contris make dem dey exchange information under the Automatic Exchange of Information wey be AEI for short. All dis join body go make sure say we government go dey get information sharp sharp on any kain movement of magomago money or dodging of tax wey we contri pipo dey do.

De contris wey we join do dis agreement na Switzerland, Panama, The Bahamas and all de other places wey e dey easy to hide money make person no pay tax before. On top all dis one, dem go dey share bank information well well now because of d Common Reporting Standard wey be CRS for short wey don dey now.

Na for de 16th of August, 2016 naim we senior government Federal Executive Council gree make Nigeria chuk hand for inside d Country by Country reporting standard mata. Dis one now don helep we tax officers dem to take shine eye on top all dis big companies and how business dey move, wit all dis pipo wey dey dodge tax run go another contri.

E still get de one wey Nigeria follow chuk hand for London inside 2016 wey dem call Beneficial Ownership Register. Dis one go fit show we government de pipo wey get house and proproti for yonder come dey do like say dem no get anytin. Even for inside dis contri, de new new laws sef dey help give information to de tax officers. All dis agencies dem don dey share information like BVN, NFIU, State land registry and even CAC sef, make tax officers fit get complete idea of contri pipo money wey dey enter pocket.

Pipo wey dey siddon trace other pipo proproti for inside Ministry of Finance wey dem dey call Asset Tracers don call some correct professionals from yonder come wey sabi follow proproti and who get am, make dem for join body to gather information on contri pipo and companies wey dey dis contri. After all dis work, dem don see say many pipo dey dodge tax or dem no just sabi say dem suppose even pay tax sef. Na why government don make dis VAIDS now make everybody fit come confirm im tax status make evrytin for settle as evrybody go dey pay im tax.

Na true say "I no know, I no sabi" no be excuse to tif, beht we government don sorry for contri people say make dem no kuku worry for de one wey dem don dodge before, as long as dem ready to come out talk true, sake of say e beta to see people come out settle with tax officers, make dem change begin pay dia tax make contri for go front well well.

Plenty contris like Indonesia, Argentina, and Italy sef wey see say dia money don dey move go other contris because of magomago, don try dis method and e work. Dis one go even helep we government make dem no dey borrow borrow to take do de tins wey dem suppose do for dis contri with tax money and e go make our contri tear eye well well for development mata.

Wen dis correct VAIDS time don pass, de pipo wey still no come out decide say dem wan hide dey dodge tax, once dem begin catch dem na court and prison palaver straight.

De VAIDS start from 1st of July 2017 to 31st March 2018. Dat one be say de tin go last for 9 months. Dem no go shift d date go front, and de tin no go start again o. So once de tin pass, anybody wey no gree chuk hand come declare, e go see de hand of law for im body and im business.

To dodge tax na crime wey if dem catch u, u fit enter prison, dey there jejeli reach up to five years sef and d person go still pay all de tax wey im dey owe with interest on top. If na normal case, na 10 percent of d tax wey de person dey owe with interest of like 21 percent per annum plus on top de real tax wey im dey owe naim de person go pay. Beht e get sometimes wey na 100 percent plus on top interest and de tax naim de person go pay, and dem fit to even seize de land and proproti wey de person get sef.

So people wey do sharp sharp join de scheme now go dey free from all dis palaver wey dem suppose get as dem no dey pay tax. Government go forgive dem and dem no go go prison.

Another beta tin be say contri pipo wey don dey hide proproti up and down since make government no catch dem go fit transfer dia proproti back to dia name after dem don dey under d scheme. Plenty contri pipo don loss dia house and land sef because dem put another person name for paper make dem for fit dodge. If de person come die, or e wan do sharp sharp sell de proproti because e need money, anything fit to happen because no be im name dey de papers. De way wey governments for all over de world don shine eye for dis mata of magomago money wey dey move up and down, e go beta make evrybody jejeli put hand for dis scheme, go declare asset.

Dis scheme cover all d Federal and State taxes wey dey dis contri, plus including Company Income tax, Personal Income tax, Petroleum Profit tax, Capital Gains tax, Stamp duties with Tertiary Education tax.

For normal situation, law give only six years. But as long as contri man come out, come declare truth of evrytin wey im get, d scheme don cover am be dat.

The VAIDS dey open yakata for anibodi wey no dey pay im tax well before. E dey even target dis kain pipo sef:

  • De pipo wey neva declare de tins and proproti wey dem get true true give government.
  • De ones wey no dey pay dia tax at all at all.
  • De pipo wey no dey pay de tax wey dem suppose pay complete.

Weda de tax wey de person dey owe na for business wey dey inside dis contri or na outside de proproti dey, dis scheme na to settle im tax mata once and for all.

Dis scheme dey cover both contri pipo, contri pipo business and company wey dem don register and de one wey just dey, with even pipo wey dey sign put on top oda pipo company wey dem dey call executors.

Plenty information dey to collect from de information office for inside Federal Inland Revenue Service wey be FIRS for short, or person still fit to waka go any State Board Inland Revenue Service, SBIRS for short. E even still dey de website wen dem open for computer because of de scheme come call am

Dem go first look d kain tax issue wey person get, but anybodi wey wan pay tax na to give de FIRS or de SBIRS. Person go must pay de tax money give de government office wey e suppose go. Dat one na Relevant Tax Authority and im go write im full name and im TIN number, come collect receipt from d bank.

Federal Government sef know say plenty pipo wey dey owe tax money fit no get plenty money for hand, na proproti dem get. So government go come do agreement with de person on top how im go dey pay all d tax money wey im dey owe small small.

Contri pipo wey dey owe tax money wey come enter under dis scheme go fit to get reach three years to pay all tax money of before before finish. But dem go still pay interest wey don gather on top de money.

Once u just carry declaration form take register put for de scheme, sharp sharp, officers for de Relevant Tax Authority go do calculate of de money wey u dey owe for tax give you.

VAIDS go even still do training give all dis lawyers dem wey dey give advise on top money mata, join with accountants of tax and all de other people wey de mata concern, make all contri pipo for know evrytin wey dem suppose do for under tax law for Nigeria.

Contri pipo wey suppose dey pay tax go must follow evrytin wey dey for inside tax law for Nigeria for inside de scheme o. If not, make dem just forget de forgiveness wey government give dem under de VAIDS, know say dem go pay for all de dodging wey dem don do.

De first tin wey dem go do for pipo wey neva even get TIN wey enter inside de VAIDS scheme na to do sharp sharp registration of TIN for dem.

De mata be say dis scheme no be by force tin. Na de one wey pipo go come do by dia sef. Wetin FIRS go do na to give plenty information make people know come join.

Dis scheme dey open to anybodi wey suppose dey pay tax for Nigeria. E cover contri pipo wey get money wey dem suppose dey pay tax put outside Nigeria even with pipo wey no dey stay Nigeria at all but dem get money wey dey come from Nigeria wey dem suppose pay tax put.

Contri pipo wey dey stay outside Nigeria fit to register for dis scheme through computer or get agent wey dey stay inside Nigeria wey go come helep dem to do am.

D pipo wey no join for dis scheme and government come later see say dem dey dodge no pay tax money complete or at all at all, dem don enter serious wahala be dat.

In fact sef, dem don do employment give de people wey sabi follow people money do investigate for who get wetin for dis world, make dem come check all de pipo wey no chuk hand for dis scheme but dem dey dodge payment dia tax. Once dem catch dem, na to enter court and prison mata with complete payment of de money and extra on top sef. And dem go show evrybodi d names of dis people wey dodge no pay dia tax to expose dem give contri pipo.

Now now sef, all dis tax officers don dey check pipo wey e be like say dem dey dodge no pay dia tax for serious investigation mata for under de tax law for Nigeria. So all contri pipo wey suppose dey pay tax, make dem do sharp sharp joli d beta opportunity wey dis scheme dey bring before d time go pass and d hand of law go begin fall on top people wey still dodge.

According by tax law for Nigeria, e get pipo wey dem dey call Nigeria Tax Resident and dem must to pay tax for any income or proproti wey dey inside and outside Nigeria give government for Nigeria. Dis Nigeria tax residents naim be:

  • People wey dey collect salary or any kain payment for inside Nigeria.
  • People wey dem employ put for Nigeria or de ones wey dey stay inside Nigeria reach up to 183 days for inside one year.
  • Companies wey get office for inside Nigeria wey dem for dey work.

Na true say some contri pipo get proproti outside dis contri wey no dey commot money. E fit just be house wey dem for dey stay. For dis one, dem fit dey make dem no pay tax. But if na contri person wey suppose dey pay tax, take money from dis contri build de proproti outside dis contri and im no pay de correct tax on top d money, de proproti fit to join inside d tax money wey im go pay. After correct investigation, dem don see say de money wey some contri pipo take build proproti abroad plenty pas d money wey dem say dem dey collect for Nigeria as salary or income. Dat one get magomago inside and tax debt dey ground on top am.

E get some kain Tax Avoidance Scheme wey dey for where person no go pay tax and e go dey allowed, but dodging of tax na crime. If de real real owner of de proproti don pay all im tax on de money wey de proproti dey bring before im carry am go de place wey dat Tax Avoidance Scheme dey, den no wahala.

But if de correct tax never reach government hand, den wahala dey because government get right to trace all im tax money on top dat proproti and de money wey im dey bring.

All de proproti wey person get, join de one wey dey im name o, join de one wey dey another person name, im must declare evrytin as e be. VAIDS go come open correct paper wey dem go fit dey deal with de original owner well well. U fit even transfer ur proproti back to ursef under de law wey dem dey call extant law after declaration.

D time wey FIRS bin give for dis waiver of interest and penalty for inside de tax amnesty wey dey before don pass. VAIDS shine eye well well pass dat one on top de mata of tax and de time to pay am. And e cover both tax for contri pipo wey suppose pay tax and companies too.

Any agreement wey FIRS do before, for under dis scheme e go just dey for one side first till dem discover new tins.

Yes o. De tax officers dem go check all our information well well. In fact, if de information wey person give no reach dem, dem go still ask for more on top. De tax people dem get government support with law sef to ask any contri person wey don ready to put hand inside de VAIDS to bring any information wey dem go need.

For inside dis scheme time, contri person fit to come add join de one wey im don declare if dem see say im get some other proproti wey suppose get tax money on top. But e must add d information as de scheme still dey on.

All d tax wey u don ever pay before naim dem go calculate together take know how u go dey on top tax mata from now.

Lai lai! U no go fit hide do declaration. Evry contri person wey join dis scheme must come out by im sef declare all de money and proproti for im own name or de company name before dem go clear am. But de tax officer no go tell anybody say na wetin u dey owe for tax be dis abi na wetin u get be dis.

Any informate wey u give under dis scheme na secret e go be. Dem don do am well well make e for be like dat. No be de one wey another person go fit come check ur informate anyhow at all except if na under one kain law mata.

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